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La Lettre - HNDL Official Newsletter - March 2024

Friday, June 28, 2024

Dear friends, brothers and sisters in hospitality,

I am pleased to send you the second Newsletter of the Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes for the 2024 season. In it you will find news about our Sanctuary and our Hospitality. But also a draft programme for the trip to Rome on the occasion of the Jubilee Year in 2025.

Many of our newsetters do not reach their recipients for many reasons. This is why I invite you to share it with all your friends as soon as you receive it. It is better to receive several than none at all.

With all my friendship and the assurance of my devotion.

Daniel Pezet
President of the Hospitalité Notre-Dame de Lourdes

Official Newsletter of the HNDL - N°2 - June 2024