Cures & Miracles

Beyond their sensational value the cures and miracles witnessed at Lourdes’ Sanctuary is intrinsically a sign of God and an evangelical experience.

From the time of the apparitions to date the Church has recognized 70 miracles resulting from the intervention of God with the intercession of Our Lady of Lourdes.

The other sign of God evident at Lourdes, as important as the miracles and far more frequent, is the sign of Grace which may be seen in the conversions, the serenity of the spirit and the changing of lives.

The 70th Miracle of Lourdes
Declared on February 11, 2018

Sister Bernadette Moriau from northern France visited the holy spring in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains in July 2008, then aged 69, seeking a cure to her ailment like millions of other pilgrims each year.

Shortly after returning home, her chronic sciatica or pinched spinal nerve disappeared for the first time since her condition was diagnosed at the age of 27.

“She experienced an unusual feeling of relaxation and heat in the whole of her body (and) heard a voice telling her to take off her equipment, the corset and the leg brace,” said a statement from her Catholic parish in Beauvais in the north of France.

After further examinations by doctors and three meetings of church figures in Lourdes, the medical committee in the town confirmed that Moriau’s recovery could not be explained scientifically, the statement said.

“Sister Bernadette Moriau now has a perfectly normal life,” said the committee’s president Alessandro de Franciscis. “She is in very good health and herself visits the sick on a regular basis.”