Attend Mass

The Eucharist, Holy Mass, is both the source and summit of our lives in Christ. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, we journey with Jesus as He opens the Scriptures for us and reveals Himself in the breaking of the bread. Receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, we are united with Him and share in the fruits of His passion, death, and resurrection.

Weekday Masses
Monday - Saturday 8:00am Church English
Monday - Friday 7:00pm Church Spanish
Vigil Masses
Saturday 5:00pm Church English
6:30pm Church Spanish
Sunday Masses
Sunday 7:15am Church English
8:30am Church Spanish
10:15am Church English
11:45am Church English
1:30pm Church Spanish
5:00pm Church English
6:30pm Church Spanish

Schedule main change, please check